Peppered Cheese Jerky

Terrible confession. I kind of like jerky. And not the high class, aged maple smoked Angus type, either. I lean heavily towards the mechanically separated persuasion, if you know what I mean. While it's not my first choice for a quick snack, I'm always drawn to its strange flavors and unique texture.When I found Cheese Jerky, I was dubious. Cheese as jerky? Dried cheese? With meat? The concept sounded a little dicey. To my surprise, it wasn't so much "cheese jerky" as it was "cheese with jerky inside." Made from mozzarella string cheese and little pieces of jerky. Huh. Well, I'm all for a snack, especially one that allows me to seamlessly introduce dried meat to my nachos, so I dove into this with a lusty hunger.Unfortunately, it didn't really live up to my jerky-related expectations of smoky flavors, camping related fantasies, and the South. The cheese was delicious, sharp, and creamy, but overpowered the jerky. Not to mention that the jerky then rendered the whole concept of string cheese useless, making it hard to pull off strips that weren't marred by the jerky studded inside.In an ideal universe, this would be a lot milder of a cheese with much more spice on the jerky and a more even ratio so all could be enjoyed. I will say the flavor was decent on nachos, but still really wasn't able to impart that meaty flavor I'd expected before and didn't melt as well as a plain cheese.

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