Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Boy, oh, boy, was I excited to write this. That's my current synapses at this point. Whenever I get hungry, it's no longer, "Should I eat?" but rather, "Should I write?"

I think my influence for making decisions about what I eat is heavily influenced by this blog. Not necessarily in terms of health or caloric investment, but more in terms of expanding my scope of consumption. I go for the strangest thing on the menu. I'm no longer relying on the good graces of a chicken sandwich. It feels good to try new things and see what I've been missing.

Of course, anything with salted caramel is a no-brainer. Fucking salted caramel is one of the most perplexingly good combinations, ever. Seeing this just solidified my affirmations of needing to stay at Starbucks and gawk at the people passing by.The weather was dreary, so I eschewed my preferred iced drink for something hot, in this case, the hot chocolate. I watched my barista pour on salt with glee, like a child awaiting a treat, and eagerly recepted my drink.

Unfortunately, it was not to par with an artisan salted caramel. Shit, this drink couldn't even give a Werther's a run for its money. It tasted like the ejaculation of a crappy latte, with an overly sweet, syrupy flavor and texture and very little salt. Only once did I taste the astonishingly simple flavor of burnt sugar. The grains of salt that did not melt were tasted at the end of the drink, in the dregs of chocolate and grainy sips. What little chocolate flavor I did glean from this drink was about as pure as a drug-addled adolescent Swiss Miss.The texture was too thick for a hot drink, like a poor imitation of better, pudding-like European hot chocolates. I found it to be viscous and slimy and definitely not a good representation of its quality combination.

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