Sweet's Port Wine Gels

On our aforementioned Vermont outing yesterday, Keepitcoming and I found these unusual wine-related candies. I love wine flavored oddities, especially if they're accurate. I saw these on Gigi Reviews a while back and nearly levitated with glee. In addition to the fact that they're smart and sophisticated enough for a dinner party, they're versatile enough to be savored with a candy cigar in silk footie pajamas while reading a leather-bound edition of Pat the Bunny in one's study. They're fun and they're mature. I feel like a real adult!So these wine gems were port, but came in three flavors. This looked like the most promising variety. They're covered in dark chocolate and come in little batons. For the size of the box, which looks like one of those fancy wine cylinders, the amount of candy isn't nearly proportionate to the amount of packaging. It's completely superfluous, but very snazzy, so I forgave them that. The inside of the box reminds me that it "pairs well with good friends." To me, port pairs better with more port, but that's neither here nor there.The gel is soft and gelatinous, rather than gummy, and melts quickly in the mouth. Immediately, I was hit with a rather heady, substantial port flavor. This surprised me a lot, as I was not expecting these to fully deliver. They actually tasted quite boozy and smoky, which I loved. Unfortunately, the flavor is really diminished by the coating of dark chocolate. It could have been a boon had it been of a better quality, but it was chalky and waxy tasting and melted irregularly.

I'd love to try more of these. I wish more companies were bold enough to utilize wines in their flavorings and accurately portray the flavor, because I see it as a fantastic ingredient to complete a meal, a candy, or dessert. Or breakfast. Or midnight snack. It's essential and really elevates the feeling and sensations of a meal to a higher plane, and would be so much fun to eat in less traditional applications. This definitely made me hopeful for finding more wine snacks and candies.

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