Debrand's Sweet Potato Pie Chocolate Bar

Okay, kids, October is over. I'm focusing on Thanksgiving now. In past years, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my mother's side of the family, but now that I'm a grown-ass woman, I like to go to as many celebrations as I possibly can in order to ensure that I experience the full girth of Thanksgiving gluttony. I've never had a Thanksgiving that hasn't been full of crazy pie flavors and perfectly roasted turkey, but if there's one thing I'm dead set on trying before my eventual coronary, it's a Southern Thanksgiving, complete with sweet potato pie.Even if my Yankee upbringing currently prevents me from doing so, I decided to try this bar so I could gear myself up for the holiday, and was completely satisfied with the overall experience. I consider myself to have a relatively refined palate, so with a bar that attempted to emulate such a familiar and unusual flavor, I expected to be able to separate all nuances and detect any that were not present. I went into this bar with high expectations and I finished extremely satisfied.I found that this bar really emulated the best of the sweet potato, as well as accentuating it with mild yet noticeable additions that really made a difference. The crunch of toffee in this was fantastic- I love toffee. It wasn't sticky or too chewy at all, and was ground up to a perfect consistency. The potato flavor in this was creamy and mild, but earthy and obviously yam-derived. I would have liked more, but am still happy with the amount. Nicely done. The balance of milk chocolate and white chocolate added a creaminess and rich flavor without dominating the bar at all. With spices, most noticeably, cinnamon, this was a really well crafted confection.

The other thing that really attracted me to this bar was its unique portioning. Where some bars I've consumed have had pieces that were too unwieldy or too small to enjoy, this was both artful yet individually centered, with three kinds of pieces in three sizes so that one can designate how much one wishes to eat. I found it to be minimal yet impressive and was really happy with the bar. Bring this to Thanksgiving and be prepared to get all the post-feast, drunk second cousin/family friend ass you can handle. It's that good.

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