Archer Farms Strawberry Mango Real Fruit Twists

I'm always a little skeptical of foods that have the disclaimer "real" in front of them. Does it need to be stated in print? I mean, that stripper told me she had a real penis. But that's a different story. On a whole, I tend to enjoy grocery store food lines, like Archer Farms and Nature's Promise, so when Keepitcoming and I saw these Sharkies-esque fruit snacks in Target, (or Tar-Jay for the socialites) we were immediately intrigued. Could these take the place of our beloved, though difficult to procure, shark-shaped fruit snacks?

The answer is yes. A thousand Great Whites screaming "yes" before they tear into their victim's hapless, vulnerable flesh. These are delicious.They're bite-sized tiny braids of intertwining flavors- strawberry and mango. Two flavors I'd expected to be distinctive of each other, but in most applications, may have been muddled. Separating the flavors was a smart move, as they really melded perfectly. The tartness of the berries and the sweet mango tastes completely natural and jammy. The fruit snacks themselves are the perfect size and have a nice, pulpy chew to them with a resistance similar to fruit leather.The best part about these is that fifteen of them is only one hundred calories. And they're all natural and good for you, at least in comparison to other fruit snacks you could be consuming. We nommed these quickly and are excited to have found such an accessible alternative to Sharkies. Highly recommend these to those who can handle them. Infants and crying babies not included.

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