Yumnuts Slow Roasted Cashews

Oh boy oh boy there’s nothing better and nothing more satisfying to me than putting a fistful of nuts in my mouth every now and then. The only problem is that most of the nuts I come across either tend to be too dry and leave me with a bad taste in my mouth, or they are just way over seasoned one can’t taste the nuts but is instead eating flavoured salt with a hint of nuts. In my opinion, the perfect handful of nuts is both flavourful on the outside without compromising the original taste of the nuts.

I found these two sacks of nuts and decided to give them a go. With a bag advertising “YUMNUTS” I hoped it would be exactly how I feel after having some of these nuts. Having had led quite a relatively white bread lifestyle, where all my nuts came in very few flavours, either salted or honey roasted. These exciting flavours really piqued my interest, even though the thought of putting a bunch of black chocolate nuts or even spicy Deep South Cajun in my mouth would bring years of dishonour to both me and my family for years. Eventually, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and shove a few handfuls of exotic nuts into my mouth.
If the nuts are touching, it must be gay.

In all my years of chomping on nuts, there nuts were probably one of the best nuts that have ever been in my mouth. There was such a perfect balance of added flavour and spice and the original flavour of the nuts, that you can’t help but to put another one in your mouth and another one after that.

The chocolate nuts were nice and sweet without compromising the original saltiness of the nuts. There was a light crunchy chocolate sugar shell on the outside of each nut that was much like the M&M shell but with more chocolate flavour. The chocolate nuts would have been ones that would be safe to handle without fearing of leaving traces of sticky chocolate all over your hands. Each of the individual chocolate nuts would have a very nice crunch when chomped on. The sweet chocolate wasn’t too sweet and was just prefect in flavour for a quick snack. Finishing a handful did not make you feel like you’ve just eaten a Snickers bar but rather a few M&Ms with a handful of cashews. It was a nice alternative to trail mix and much healthier alternative than a candy bar.The Cajun nuts were also a great mix of spice and original nutty flavour. The Cajun spices on the nuts were of a good smoky flavour. Much like how one would expect a good Cajun mix of spices would taste. I personally don’t know the secret to making a good blend of Cajun spices but the people at Yumnuts sure do. The spices were not too spicy at first but had a nice heat in its after taste. It’s definitely something that is desired from a good batch of nuts.

The people at Yumnuts were right, after putting a bunch of their nuts in and around my mouth; they sure do have me saying “YUM! NUTS!” Sadly both of these bags ran out quickly and left me yearning for more of Yumnuts’ delicious nuts in my mouth.


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