Hedonist Chocolates TweetHeart Collection

I refuse to make Twitter-related jokes about this collection. My lawyers advised against that in my most recent subpoena, Foodette versus Carrot Top. Something about hate tweets, but whatever. This is an early Valentine's Day set from Hedonist Chocolates. Hedonism. Valentine's Day. It works.On a slightly unrelated note that will soon become related with flimsy connections from random tangents I make up, the Feedjit is now up and running and I am able to watch you as you peruse my page, my sweet, sweet pawns. It looks like the most popular page hits right now are the McDonald's oatmeal, Lazy Cakes, and Sonic Red Velvet Blast. Coincidence? Fuck yes. All of those foods are incredibly sexy and will make your penis or vagina extremely virile. And now it's time to add another food to that collection. TweetHearts.In the box are five truffles with little bird and heart motifs on them. (Birds say "tweet") But don't become distracted by this Nabokovian innocence. These chocolates are coquettes, harlots of the candy shop.The truffles are small but powerful, boasting a rich, fruity dark chocolate shell and ganache that settles in perfectly with the raspberry liqueur inside. There is no gooiness or textural inconsistencies; the entire experience is smooth without any added lubrication.
The raspberry flavor is surprisingly strong. On the topnote of the truffle, there was very little fruitiness to be found, but the raspberry only got stronger and more developed throughout the bite. At the end, it was deliciously jammy and sweet. The chocolate crisps with a nice snap on the bite, folding away to firm ganache underneath.Normally, my taste in chocolate runs toward flavors with strange emulsions, bells and whistles, and a disclaimer. This might also explain my taste in Valentine's Day activities as well as the aforementioned lawsuit. But with these, I need no other stimulation or excitement than the knowledge and decadence in consuming such a finely crafted product.

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