Dunkin' Donuts Egg White Wake-Up Wraps

Forgot to wish you guys a Happy New Year from the other side. One of my resolutions for this year was to finally stick to losing weight and keeping fit. I came into some amazing opportunities over the last year and I want to look my best for all of them. When I saw that Dunkin' was carrying new egg white sammiches, I knew it would be a good way to balance both blog and body.

Truth be told, these aren't really wraps, they're more like quesadillas. If you speak Latin and you wish to be grammatically correct, quesadillae. They come in two flavors, turkey sausage and veggie. To be fair, the turkey sausage also has veggies in it, but the veggie has no meat. I tried both of these with my morning coffee after accidentally going to work two hours early. It was the silver lining to my mistake.These are surprisingly good. Egg whites have the tendency to be cooked to a rubbery fritter or a tasteless lump, so when I bit into this and got soft, flavorful eggs, I was pleased. Egg is clearly the dominant flavor here, but all else falls into place rather well. With the turkey sausage, I tasted the saltiness of the meat, which added a juicy texture despite being in small pieces. The spinach added nothing for flavor but did offer a nice color in the egg whites. To my surprise, I actually preferred the veggie wrap to the the sausage. Where the sausage wrap was kind of one-dimensional in its flavoring, the veggie wrap offered a melange of different vegetables, each coming into play throughout the wrap- three colors of peppers and green onions welcomes each bite and reminded me of one of my favorite breakfast products, Southwestern Egg Beaters.The best part of these was the cheese. I've had very few fast food sandwiches where the cheese plays a prominent role in seasoning and adding flavor and depth to the meat and bread, but the cheese in this was perfect. Both wraps had shredded cheddar cheese inside, and each bite had an above average amount. It was flavorful and sharp, and it added a moistness to the overall texture. One aspect I loved about these was how neat and portable they were. There was nothing dripping from the sides or leaking out and the tortillas, though crispy, did not create any crumbs. These would be easy to eat in the car or on the run from the police. Everything was held in and melded together well.These are delicious, only 150 calories apiece, and well worth your buck fifty. It's interesting how the calories correspond with the price. Perhaps better choices would be made if that were the case for all foods. However, for the voracious eater, I'd recommend skipping these entirely. They're pretty tiny, about the size of a dollar bill and as thick as an iPod Classic. I found that despite eating these, drinking a small coffee, and sipping from some water throughout the day, I was hungry after about three hours. The concept is bright, though, and is certainly something I'd purchase while on the go again.

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