Nando's Chickenland Curry Coconut Sauce and Welcome Home, Baby Love!

We got a new kitten last night! Baby Love (named after the illustrious Miss Love, of course) is a chocolate point Siamese- perfect for this blog. Because of the hectic traveling of last night, I didn't have time to do a traditional post. But we did cook her a traditional Thai dinner, with coconut curry noodles, Wiemer Gewurztraminer, with a little coconut gelato for dessert. Kitty ate some of her hard food, which will not be reviewed on the blog at this time.The coconut curry sauce we used was from Nando's Chickenland, regrettably not a real vacation destination. I booked two one-way flights before I realized I'd been scammed. The sauce was a little murky in origin. We couldn't tell if it was a Thai sauce or an Indian sauce, and as a result of that, we didn't know what carbohydrate this ought to be poured on.It smelled delicious and had a wonderful flavor, but when combined with noodles and chicken, gave everything a slimy texture that made it hard to continue eating. It was quite undesirable, and makes me wonder if this would be better paired with rice like a tikka masala. We really enjoyed the heat of this, though. It was persistent amongst the other elements of the dish and lingered on the palate long after we finished eating.I'd be reluctant to try this sauce again with noodles because of the strange slipperiness it gave to the dish, but liked the flavor enough to give it a try with another dish or as a stand-alone dip. Continuing along the Thai theme, here's a shot of our refreshing coconut gelato. Next time, I'd cut the creaminess of this, which was identical to coconut cream, with a little lime juice or even go as far as to serve it in a coconut half. It was cool and sweet and dotted with chewy pieces of frozen coconut. A wonderful way to welcome home our new kitten and raise a glass to the generosity of Dr. D, our kitten benefactor.

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