Robinhood Free Meetinghouse Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls

Tasting for the epicness that is Spicy Week has left me with literally no taste buds left, so when I got these cinnamon buns, it was a welcome change of pace from picante and tomatillo. Obvs. Aside from hot sauces, breakfast foods are one of my favorite things to eat. If the two are combined, it's enough to make me voluntarily reenact the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally. You know. The scene where they're in the restaurant with their friends and Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby fall in love. I'm like Bruno Kirby. Sort of.These cinnamon buns were easy enough that a child with above average intelligence (and I'm talking Hoeflin scoring, bitches) could make them. Before eating them, I'd already registered a slight problem, and that's never a good sign. For six cinnamon buns, there is one included icing pack. Not counting Baby Love, there's only two of us in the house, and we can't eat six cinnamon buns in one sitting. Preferring to break them up into one or two separate breakfasts, this one icing packet gig isn't very convenient or easy unless you're making the entire batch at once, which doesn't work unless you're a 2005 Drew Barrymore or six separate people.

Once in the oven, the buns doubled in size and wafted a homey cinnamon scent throughout the downstairs. It took a little longer than the requisite 25-30 minutes to get them browned, but once out of the oven, they were crispy and flaky. Because they are made with the same dough used in the cream cheese biscuits, they had the added advantage of having a biscuit-like texture, with a dense, layered softness lashed with buttery goodness. The cinnamon was a dry layer, rather than an oozing, saucy section. This proved to be beneficial and made the buns sweet in a short-cake like way rather than being overly saccharine.There was enough icing to gently drizzle over the buns, leaving half for the rest. The icing wasn't too sweet, either, and boasted a natural vanilla bean flavor. It was very soft and added the right amount of sweetness to the buns, as well as a little extra moisture for especially dry areas. The buns were a fun way to wake up in the morning without all the prep work that comes with the homemade bun territory. I liked that sugar was incorporated as a background note, and think that these would be delicious with a little almond extract or chopped nuts on top.

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