Simply Enjoy Spanakopita

God damn, I love appetizers. Could eat them all the time. Especially if you phrase them as "bar food" and then I romanticize it and imagine I'm in the 60's in a crowded, smoke filled bar with a glass of bourbon in one hand and tits in the other. Damn. That's awesome. Stop and Shop has a decent selection of rotating appetizers that rear their heads every so often when I go grocery shopping. Their store brand tends to be of good quality, so when I found these in the freezer, I figured I'd give them a try, despite not typically enjoying vegetables.They don't take long to cook up, 25 minutes in the oven and you're good to go. That's only if you're making the whole box, though. I wouldn't recommend making one or two at a time. I did that and NOW I'M DEAD. It's like when you're at a party and a few friends go outside to hang out and everyone else stays inside and you go outside and you're freezing cold and you're wondering why you did that when you could be inside having fun.

Drugs are like that.But the spanakopita toasted up just fine, likely due to all the butter in the phyllo dough, and for the 25 minutes it took to cook, I went about setting up the most awesome food scene known to man. Damn, that shit is retro. Apparently a big theme around here these days. The pastries came out browned, though spottily so, and oozing with spinach and cheese. A good sign since I was worried about skimpy spanakopita and you know I don't like my spanakopita skimpy. No sir.Biting into this was a treat- there was a robust flavor in all elements. A little salty feta, the earthiness of spinach, and a nice garlicky taste. It was pretty greasy on the outside, and there was more dough than I originally anticipated. The spinach and feta were mixed together so that texturally, both elements were indistinguishable, creating the sensation of more of a dip than a crumbly, creamy snack. I dipped this in a little olive oil marinade and found it to be pleasantly briny, with the sauce really bringing out the bitter tang of the spinach. A delicious snack, but you might want to fork and knife this one. I can imagine these would be delightful with a little hot sauce for an extra kick.

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