Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

Fuck yeah, pita chips. Seriously. I'm a big fan. They're in my top three chip categories, believe it or not. On my almighty scale, which I spent about ten years of research and ten minutes drawing, they're third in the category "pita chips that do not taste like ass."Allow me to clarify the latter category, that being "pita chips that do taste like ass." They're tack biscuit hard, or Zwieback if you're an infant, and have notes of Play-Doh or black sea salt, which incidentally tastes like eggs. These, however, are not.Keepitcoming buys Stacy's Pita Chips as an all purpose snack. To be fair, they probably end up in the condiment designation of our skewed food shelves because we use them more as toppings on soup or as nachos than much else. I'm nuts about the plain ones because of how perfectly thick and crispy they are, so when she brought home the cinnamon sugar chips, I pounced on them and decided that they needed reviewing.These are the perfect chip base for those dessert nachos I'm always talking about making. This is second only to the FoodShouldTasteGood chocolate tortilla chip, and if the two of these chips pulled a Wonder Twins and took the form of one chip, it would be an unstoppable force. The thickness of the chip is really what allured me the most, but now instead of scattered sea salt, the chip is covered in a blend of cinnamon and sugar.It tastes like cinnamon toast, no surprise there. Part of me is pleased with the nostalgic simplicity and another part of me wants to go all Charles Laughton a la Island of Lost Souls and start experimenting with that shit. So I compromised and added ice cream. I thought it would surely be the bane of the crunch I so lust over, but to my surprise, they stayed crispy and crunchy, creating a flavor and texture like fried ice cream without the grease. A solid, portable snack and easy dessert hack.

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