Archer Farms General Tso Potato Chips

Archer Farms might just try a little too hard. I grabbed a bag of this because, for one, Keepitcoming put her foot down on sliders for dinner, and for another, because I had some leftover wasabi and I wanted to create a cross-cultural photo montage for you. But after examining the multitude of flavors, my mind sort of wandered to the thoughts of creating an entire meal from Archer Farms potato chips. Is it possible? Or...even a whole day.

Ideally, I'd start the day by waking up to a nice plate of Archer Farms Smoky Bacon and Cheddar chips. Maybe around midday, have some Greek Inspired chips. When I go out with the guys, I'd munch on Spinach Artichoke and Buffalo Wing chips, and maybe late at night, wolf down some Macaroni and Cheese chips with some Cinnamon and Sugar chips for dessert.
But that's on a good day. Most likely, I'd wake up late and hastily gulp a few handfuls of Stale Cereal chips, followed by a Philly Cheesesteak with Grease and/or Turkey Sliders for lunch, and then lapse into a nighttime potato chip coma with three too many bags of Gin and Tonic chips and Chubby Hubby chips. And then wake up and repeat the whole damned process.

Can a girl just get some damned Ruffles around here?

But I guess we were feeling like Asian food tonight. And since I never resist an opportunity to mock Swagger by eating bastardized Chinese (though his will always be my favorite) or break out my surplus wasabi, I present to you, Archer Farms General Tso Potato Chips. Most of the General Tso's I've had has been flavored with pepper, garlic, ginger, and corn syrup. But overall, not bad, because it has the crispiness of the chicken and breading to bolster it. Would chips be a sufficient enough base?One aspect of Archer Farms' packaging that I think is absolutely genius is the resealable chip bag. Brilliant. Why doesn't everyone do that? Then I wouldn't have to sue Frito Lay (again) for making me wheelchair bound after eating three family sized bags of Doritos in one sitting out of pressure from the persistent threat of stale chips. So that's fantastic. The chips, immediately out of the bag, are pretty large. I'd say on an average, one to four inches in diameter and very few of them were broken. A good ratio. The seasoning wasn't very heavy or powdery on the chips, but stuck well.

The chips smell like ginger. Quite a lot of it, in fact. It's a unique scent that, for the first time, smelled more like General Tso's than say, the General Tso's at P.F. Chang's. It had spiciness on the nose and a tasty garlicky smell, too. But all those scents disappeared once I took a bite. The first noticeable flavor was garlic, followed by bland potato chip. The ginger flavor was pretty spot on, but unfortunately fleeting. The overall result was a muddled set of Asiatic sauces that ended up in sweet, sugary corn syrup. Unfortunately, these chips went the way of most average Americanized Chinese cuisine- to the back of the refrigerator in an unmarked takeout box. The chips were good, though. Maybe some of their other flavors are more accurate.

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