Valentine's Day Feast

Last night, Keepitcoming Love and I had a fantastic feast for Valentine's Day. With a chilly night and little interest in fighting people for dinner reservations and parking spaces, we ended up cooking in and having a great dinner.
We made panko-crusted honey chicken with spicy sesame noodles, using fresh noodles from Gourmet Texas Pasta and ate them both with one of our last Wiemer Rieslings. For dessert, we used a kit with fresh mascarpone from Crave Brothers and made a chocolate mascarpone pie. The Kahlua we added made it a little sweet, but it was delicious and creamy and far less labor-intensive than a cheesecake.After dessert, we exchanged gifts. And with good timing- along with the pie, we sampled a few truffles from Knipschildt. That was my gift to Keepitcoming, and we're looking forward to checking out Chocopologie in the near future. Keepitcoming bought me a gorgeous Gucci scarf that will definitely crop up on the blog- with a wine and grape motif, it's absolutely a propos.The noodles were our breakfast this morning, and will probably be a delicious cold lunch over the next few days. Fresh pasta beats out regular pasta any day, and this was utterly spectacular.Our cat was non-plussed and sat on the top of the cabinets, looking down at us from above. She was full of leftover chicken, so we paid her no mind.Happy Valentine's Day!