Cranberry Citrus Oat Newtons Fruit Thins

If you remember my post about cereal, you'll know that it often gets the short end of the stick come breakfast time. Well, like cereal, cookies rarely ever get their due when I need a snack. I've been spoiled with a plethora of good homemade cookies so I rarely give notice to their storebought counterparts. That's right- I'm "that guy" who turns away Girl Scouts when they're selling cookies. Recently, Nabisco came out with a cookie that seemed to combine the best of Nabisco Fruit Crisps with the eponymous Fig Newtons with different, if not eclectic, flavors and a strange dearth of marketing. It was almost refreshing. Nobody was telling me to defriend ten friends on Facebook to get a free pack of Fruit Thins in a "Thin your Friends" campaign. The Old Spice Guy wasn't hawking these. It was great, but strange. It was only when Keepitcoming Love spotted these in the grocery store that I remembered them and decided to try them out for Healthy Month.Three of these little buggers will set you back 140 calories. With three Oreos at 160 calories and three Chips Ahoy cookies at 160 calories, they didn't seem to have much of a health advantage over any other leading brand. But I'm a sucker for an interesting flavor and the package looked like it provided a thick, soft cookie with a jammy filling.
Well, as you can see, I was a little off base. The cookie is rather flat with a wide surface area and isn't filled, but studded with dried fruit pieces. That was a little disappointing. The bag, a neat resealable dealy like ground coffee, had thirty cookies inside. At $4.29 at Stop and Shop, this puts them above the average price of most cookies. The initial flavor is oaty and nutty and very heavy on the citrus, with more of an orange flavor than any other. The cookie base really reminds me of animal or graham crackers, with a buttery and slight salinity. The cranberries are only slightly present in the cookie, more as a textural irregularity than an additional layer of flavor. It was good and different from what I normally encounter in snacks, but not impressive enough to warrant the price tag. Maybe I'd have better luck with the other flavors. If you're hesitant, too, don't fret. Just wait a little while- with the lack of marketing and high price, this looks like a product we'll see on bargain shelves six months from now.

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