Larabar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Looks like Foodette Reviews is on its 666th post. Hopefully none of the Healthy Month treats will rear up in our digestive system and kill us, but you never know. At least I didn't choose to review kombucha or something today. Which brings us to our (relatively innocuous) reviewable today, a Larabar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
There exists a phenomenon amongst products geared toward women that seems to force us to a point where if we eat anything remotely healthy, it MUST taste like a facsimile of something "guilty," "tempting," or "forbidden." Case in point, energy bars. Things like Luna Bars and Larabars promote the concept that women can't just scarf down an energy bar because it has to be a treat, hence flavors like chocolate peppermint stick, dulce de leche, and chocolate covered strawberry.

Today's desserted bastardization is chocolate chip cookie dough. Spoiler alert, it tastes like neither cookie dough or a protein bar, which is surprising as protein bars' grainy texture usually lends itself to resembling cookie dough.
This particular company really excels at their fruit flavors, but just lacks that prowess in their synthesized desserts. The bar had many chocolate chips in it but somehow tasted only of rich figs and nuts. The texture was chocolatey and could be recognized as such but was totally overpowered. The figginess in this bar was about as subtle as crotchless panties. Something about this felt like I was eating a "special" granola bar from a friend- something I wouldn't do now and in my reviews.

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