Anniversary Asparagus, Brioche Burgers, and Cupcake 'Cream!

Today was our one year anniversary. For the first of our two celebrations, I decided to make brioche buns for bacon cheeseburgers to serve with our 2000 R. Lopez di Heredia ViƱa Tondonia Rioja.
The burgers were absurd- like eating a bacon cheeseburger on a croissant. Originally, I considered making fries to serve alongside, but the combination might have killed us.
Dad picked us up some anniversary asparagus.
The dinner was relatively easy to prepare as the brioche dough was made three days in advance and left to chill. We baked a test batch that went over quite well with our two testers, and then made the buns.
The burgers, made from grass fed beef, were topped with seasoned bacon, homemade jalapeno aioli mixed with Sir Kensington's, and Beecher's Flagship Reserve Cheddar. We ate them with crisp asparagus and drank our Rioja. The perfect anniversary dinner!
Next time, we'd eliminate the brioche and save it for breakfast, but the burgers themselves were absolutely perfect! The ultimate start to a new year and an awesome summer.
Sublime, fruity wine to cut the richness of the meal.
Of course, we couldn't end the evening without a trip to Herrell's! Hostess chocolate cupcake for me, mint chip for Keepitcoming.

Thanks for a fantastic year, guys!

Foodette and Keepitcoming Love

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