Yankee Stadium Garlic Fries

As the official writer for the male demographic who read this site, I feel that it is my responsibility to go to all places that are symbolic of manliness and testosterone and let the readers of this blog the glory that is stadium food. Sadly, Foodette is often unable to go on these cool locations to experience the fun that is a sporting event because of her old ball and chain which keeps her chained up at home or to things such as vintage clothing shows when I get to go to stadiums to drink beers with the bros, eat greasy fried foods, and make an ass of myself on the Jumbotron.

As a fan of the glorious Yankees baseball master race, I feel it is part of my fan duties to try to convert as many people to the saved side as possible. In return for my services towards converting nonbelievers, the people at Major League Baseball decided to give me a nice little cameo on nation television (I am seen at the end pointing and telling my friend in front of me how great the fries in my hand was). So here I am, offering to you, the readers, one of the many great food items that are available at Yankee Stadium.

After wandering through the many concession stands at the stadium, I came across this classic Yankees staple. I present to you an amalgamation of potato, garlic, cheese, grease, salt, and just plain godliness. The Yankee Stadium garlic cheese fries. Compared to most other stadium foods such as the six dollar hot dog, the ten dollar chicken strips basket, or even the eight dollar beer; the garlic cheese fries was the best deal of them all. They came in two sizes, a seven dollar small plate, or a ten dollar large plate. The small plate was rich and decadent enough for a meal and the large is rich enough to feel an African child for days.

The fries themselves were covered in a thick layer of garlic butter with plenty of crushed garlic and parsley flakes to boot. On top of all that there was a thick layer of nacho cheese. This item is definitely something for someone who really loves garlic and probably does not give a fuck about how their breath will smell like afterwards.

The first bites into this platter of fries were just absolutely heavenly. I felt my arteries immediately start and I could not care less. The fries a perfect blend of garlic flavor and cheesiness. As the game went on, the fried started to get cold and the grease started to settle. The platter of hot fries became like eating cooled garlic flavored cheese and grease and it was glorious. This small platter of fried kept me occupied for a better half of the game and I was really quite full after finishing the whole thing. For the low price of just seven dollars, this is probably the best deal for food at the stadium. It’s got great taste and great value, and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished a real feat if you are able to finish it.

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