Baby Berk Sneak Preview

Every school has something it can be proud of. The University of Nebraska Lincoln has its Cornhuskers. Yale has the highest number of ascots per capita. Rutgers has broken the world record for most obese undergraduates, courtesy of the Fat Darrell. But now, UMass Amherst has risen up in the world, shunning its reputation for being the best party school and having the crappiest graduates. I'm talking to you, Jack Canfield! We are now joining the elite rankings of schools like George Washington, MIT, and Columbia, all with one thing in common...a food truck!
That's right! Ivy League be damned, we have Baby Berk, a new, gigantic meals on wheels assembly boasting a gas oven and griddle, two fryers, a steam table, cold table, and refrigerator and freezer. I got a chance to check out their menu, which looks delicious, and will probably be reviewing the burgers soon.
From what I saw, it looks incredibly affordable, with a premium, all natural grass fed burger with a buttload of toppings clocking in at around $5.75. And the toppings are unbelievable. I'm especially looking forward to sinking my teeth into the Worcester Burger, which boasts a terikayi glaze and a pile of homemade kimchee on top.
Students will also have the ability to create their own burgers with premium toppings like bacon, mushrooms, and avocado. Baby Berk takes cash, UCard and debit, but does not take YCMP.
Other items include standard sides like fries and onion rings, fresh clam chowder, and veggie burgers. A plain hamburger sets you back a mere $3.50, and prices aren't expected to go above the $5.75 that the premium burgers cost. Baby Berk looks like it's going to be a huge hit on campus for late-night snacks and quick bites between class.