Slow Cooker Giveaway Update

Hey all,

The slow cooker giveaway post was deleted by Facebook. Their promotion guidelines do not allow contestants to be eligible for a giveaway by "liking" a page as an entry, so although I encourage you to like the page in support of the site, I cannot use it as a means of promoting the page through the contest. As a result of this, I am extending the date of the contest from Saturday, January 15th to Friday, January 20th so that people can resubmit their entries to me. I will be accepting them via email at only and encourage all new submissions and resubmissions as well but due to my awful memory, can only consider submissions that are emailed or commented on NOW (as opposed to the deleted comments) to be eligible.

Again, to be eligible for the contest you must:
- Comment/email on the post with your best slow cooker recipe idea
- Posts must include a recipe! It doesn't have to be yours and can be from the internet or passed down from Grandma. Your call.

I will announce the winner on the 21st and cook their recipe!

Sorry for all the trouble. I'm readjusting the format so that this won't happen again.