Vote on the Next Feature Week!

2012 is upon us and the bar has been raised: now it's your turn to vote on the next feature week! In case you don't remember, we've done a few of these in the past, including the ever-popular Spicy Week and Avocado Week. In the past, I've chosen topics and have held votes, and now it's your turn to choose once more! Here are the features in the running.

Ice Cream Week: Despite the fact that it's the dead of winter, I'll be picking seven or eight of my favorite ice creams and ice cream novelties to write about. It's the food you love to hate in January.

Food Hack Week: Love Reese's but hate the chocolate outside? Can't find good salsa or natural peanut butter where you live? I'll be hacking some of my favorite foods and perfecting the recipes for a week in this series with step-by-step recipes. Recommended for those who wish Foodette was a hair more domestic.

Trader Joe's Week: Fairly self-explanatory. Taking a page from What's Good at TJ's, we'll be featuring seven of the tastiest and whackiest products from Trader Joe's.

Gross Food Week: Yep, it's time to hit up Big Lots. No food too expired, no snack too scary. Expect a week of "delights" from Asian groceries and garbage cans. Requests taken, of course.

Reader Request Week: Send in your requests. If this is chosen, I'll take the seven best suggestions from regular readers of Foodette and write about them. I will also riff off the subject of your choosing if you demand it. Shoot requests over to or with the handy little widget (soon to be posted)

Vlog Week: Please, please, please don't vote for this. Seriously, guys, I look like the baby Ellen and Rosie O'Donnell had if it had Jeannine Garofolo's mouth and wore Patrick Bateman's wardrobe. But if this gets the most votes, I will don my best vests and worst hats and post seven unedited videos of seven products, yadda yadda, possibly with some of the latest and greatest in food bloggery!

Voting goes for ten days, until the 15th, and the poll is live now. Let the games begin!