Birthday Cake Oreos

Oreo is celebrating their 100th birthday this year, and they sent me these a week before they hit grocery store shelves to help pump you up for the celebration. And like a DJ at a lackluster Bar Mitzvah, I never fail to get the party started. (Except when the chicken dance is on.)
Oreo has knocked it out of the park with this one, folks. This isn't some chintzy special packaging or colored deal. This is a brand new flavor, vanilla birthday cake with sprinkles, with a special pattern on the cookies and a limited run. Oh, and they're Double Stuf, which you know is some serious business. Featuring a new resealable package format and a limited edition seal of approval, I'm pleased to report that these are some of the tastiest new members of the Oreo family since freaking peanut butter.
I'll admit, I was a little worried when I first opened the package. It smelled a hair artificial, like one of those flavored candles at Walmart that looks edible, but will definitely get you dragged out of the store for biting into. However, those fears were assuaged the moment I cracked one of those bad boys open. Funfetti, you've met your match. These are crammed with rainbow-colored sprinkles. Eating these is like a party in my mouth where everyone has their own cake.
Where these succeeded the most was in the impeccable flavor juxtaposition. The Oreo cookies, never too sweet, provided an excellent contrast to the sugary center. The filling provides a rush of nostalgic flavors with its creamy texture and Betty Crocker-esque frosting taste. A wonderful new cookie to celebrate an amazing landmark in Oreo history.
From three generations of Oreo lovers, I would like to cordially wish Oreo a happy, happy birthday, with the hopes that the brand lasts another 100- and then some!
You can get these Oreos starting March 6th, Oreo's official 100th birthday. They'll be available for a limited time only, so if you're a fan, stock up while you can!

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