Gertie and BB's Gourmet S'mores Goodies

Every year around Passover, my mom busts out a batch (okay, six) of her famous chocolate-toffee matzah. She's been making this every year since I was small. I'm pretty sure it's a recipe adapted from the New Yorker, and it's definitely good enough to make anyone want to observe Passover just to eat bowls of this all week. Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a huge package of stuff from Buyer's Best Friend, a company that offers wholesale prices on awesome specialty food items to stores, restaurants, and gift companies. Check them out if you're curious or want to buy stuff for a store! Holy crap. Opening this box felt like receiving a care package, that is, if my parents cared enough to send me a boatload of my favorite fancy foods. Your move, mom and dad!
One of the items inside was a huge bag of cookies from the LA-based company Gertie and BB's Gourmet Goodies, a company specializing in neat flavors of cookies. I've heard of people using Saltine crackers, chocolate, and caramel to make a crunchy snack. This follows a similar formula but bumps it up to a more flavorful level! Each bag contains roughly 60 bite-sized pieces of s'mores candy.
I can't keep my hands off this stuff. Not only is it light on the chocolate and perfectly sweet, it has pieces of salted melted marshmallows sandwiched inside each bite. They're perfectly chewy and even a little charred. Genius layering- the 'mallow is in the center of the piece, flanked by caramelized graham crackers and a chocolate drizzle, so no stickiness occurs. It perfectly mimics the texture and flavors of a gooey s'more.
These taste like a gourmet version of a bake sale treat, something a friend's mom would have a secret recipe to. Freaking delicious stuff. I can see these as being a lot of fun to top cupcakes with or mix with nuts in a trail mix.
Cats love it, too!

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