Chocolate Week #7: Taza Chipotle Chocolate Mexicano

The new Doritos Tacos Locos Supreme Taco emerged from Taco Bell headquarters earlier this week. And yes, I was able to check it out as a result of being within waddling distance of a 'Bell. However, as it was not covered in chocolate, chocolate-infused, or at the very least, placed next to mole sauce, I was not able to review it this week. There's no reason to cry those salty cheese dust tears, angelface, because I have an equally spicy product with 100% less orange and 100% more chocolate. Thanks to BBF, check out the Chipotle Chocolate bar from Taza!
I've penned soliloquies in chocolate-colored ink and scrawled Taza's website on the walls of men's bathroom stalls to check out for a good time, so you know that I'm a fan of the brand. And I've had many a chile-infused chocolate but none with such a rustic charm. Taza's packaging and graphic design is clean and gets the point across. This one is decorated with a burnt orange and red color scheme to further hit home its spicy contents.
The chocolate base flavor is classic Taza- crisp and grainy with a natural and fruit-forward cocoa flavor, primarily tasting of coffee beans and banana. It's got a very tropical base, which makes it pair so well with the jammy, smoky chipotle. While the end result does strike me as reminiscent of what a chocolate barbecue sauce might taste like, it still packs a smoky, powerful punch and leaves a lingering burn whether you're eating it alone or in a spicy hot chocolate.
Definitely a delicious nightcap!

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