Smith Island Baking Company Coconut Cake

The object that is now on my desk is probably the closest I will ever come to having a live infant. Chances are, I am also taking better care of it. I've never seen a food object this big. It weighs about as much as a normal baby. This object is wrapped in protective cardboard and plastic and enclosed in a firm tin. It takes two hands to lift and is fragrant and sweet. Later on, I will stab it with a knife and consume its tender flesh.This happens to be the ten layer coconut cake from Smith Island Baking Company. Put your phone down. I've extended my birthday to a two-week extravaganza just so that I can say that this is another really excellent birthday cake. The cake company has an extensive history with drama and murder and lobsters, none of which actually happen, but the part that I was excited to hear more about had to do with the composition of the cake. Apparently, the frosting is not buttercream, but cooked fudge, rendering it preserved and able to hang out unrefrigerated underneath its protective dome for up to weeks at a time.This is good news for college students. We love to leave edibles out in the open for weeks at a time, and with a cake of this size and heft, I can't see us finishing it anytime soon. The nine inch cake serves at least sixteen people, and that's with extremely generous slices. Keepitcoming and I chipped away at small slivers of cake, because not only is the cake tall, it's very, very dense.

The cake came covered in coconut with ten layers of moist, soft, pound cake goodness layered with vanilla fudge frosting. The frosting never burnt our throats and was adequately sweet, with a nice vanilla flavor. The cake absorbed all the toppings and ended up staying luscious and buttery. All the flavors mixed perfectly and the coconut was extremely moist.Despite being in thin, thin layers, the pound cake was very filling. It is entirely impossible to eat this in any fashion other than thin, transparent slivers. With the beautiful negligence one can bestow upon this dessert, one could plausibly subside off this for at least a few weeks. It's a really impressive and flavorful dessert that would make a fantastic gift or addition to a party. It comes in a reusable tin for future events. I plan on presenting dinner to Keepitcoming with flourish from now on.

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