FoodShouldTasteGood Lime Tortilla Chips

When I last extolled the virtues of this company, it was when I reviewed their chocolate tortilla chips, back in March. After the success of that chip, I'm pleased to say they've done it again with another delicious chip.

I met the representatives at the Fancy Food Show while with Keepitcoming, and they wordlessly thrust bags of these chips into my arms at random. These proved to be quite useful later on at night when we needed something snack-like to munch on. The flavor of the moment is lime, and they come in pleasant mezza luna shapes and are rather large.Like with the last batch, there are just not a whole lot of chips in the bag. Somehow, these are more substantial, and Keepitcoming and I found ourselves pleased with a few handfuls and a batch of guacamole. The shape is absolutely perfect for dipping and scooping. If you're eating salsa out of the jar, the half circle fits in easily without cracking, and can hold up to the most gluey and chunky of toppings. We tried this with a fresh batch of guac with cherry tomatoes and none of our chips broke or fractured with each bite. Needless to say, it's been unanimously voted that calling these "crackers" in the hopes of bringing together the chip-cracker barrier is an entirely asinine tactic, best used for those FlipSides.In addition to a great texture and perfect size, the flavor is phenomenal. There's a liberal usage of sea salt and an absolutely piquant and sweet lime powder, very zesty, on the chip. The corn base shines through easily and provides an excellent, thick crunch. With your favorite dip or salsa, this really allows them to add a layer of excitement to an afternoon snack.

Keepitcoming Love's Disturbing Observation of the Day: "Ergonomically shaped for easy mouth entry."

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